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Curly Hair Tips & Tricks

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For winter dry and flaky scalp, exfoliate scalp one or twice a month with a combination of 1 tsp of course sea salt (found in whole foods) and 1 tsp of conditioner. Apply to clean wet scalp and massage in circular motion follow by rinse and conditioner. Your Scalp is an extension of your face, exfoliate will keep it healthy. - Christina Carsillo

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Curly hair

Curly hair

Nadia's curly hair

Maya's curly hair

Ethnic curly hair

Recipe for removing heavy buildup and leave your hair clean and shiny:

1 Tbsp baking soda

1 Cup of hot water

Combine the two ingredients and let cool . Spray on damp hair leaving on hair 1 to 2 min. Follow with cleansing and conditioning, final rinse should be cool, then style.

After coloring services, do not expose your hair to chlorinated water or strong sunlight for forty-eight hours, as it will the results and your hair's condition.

Hair grows about 1/2 inch a month, and each strand has 3 growth phases before being replaced by a new hair. Without a cut a hair will grow to 42 inches before being shed. TIP OF THE DAY:

If you have a problem with static or fly away hair try using an anti-static clothes spray on a hair brush (never directly to the hair) then gently run it to the hair. Another solution will be using a laundry dryer sheet softly run it to hair shaft especially for curly hair. Overtime growth decreases. To maintain healthy growth, massage the scalp regularly in order to stimulate the flow of nutrients, oxygen and blood to the hair follicles.

Use a lavender spray to tame curls

2 quarts of water

5 drops pure lavender essential oil

Add to a spray bottle and spray on curls to revive as often as needed.

Curly hair Tip of the Day: Have you experience any of the following? Sickness, anesthesia, depression, a new diet, any virus or disease, hormones changes or heavy medication? Any of these alone or in combination can have a profound effect on your curls. As a non essential organ, your hair is at the bottom of the physiologic hierarchy, so it's likely to be neglected and react by being dull not bouncy, flat, or frizzy even hair loss. Try to have a nutritious diet and drink plenty of water. Hair will bounce back as soon as you do

Slathering on different products won't repair split ends.

The only way to get rid of them is to have your curls cut dry. Regular trims will keep them from getting split and help to prevent the problem. To temporarily seal split ends, massage a styling creme like Deva Curl Set up and Above into them.

If you have curly hair children, a great leave-in conditioner can be made by adding equal parts H2O and Deva One Conditioner in a spray bottle and spraying on their hair in the morning to revive their precious locks.-Christina

When curly heads colour their hair, the curls and wave patterns shift. The same is true for any chemical process, such as relaxers and perms. The chemicals cause the hair cuticles to open and close, resulting in an adjustment to the pH level of the hair. A low ammonia base with micro-pigmentation and palm oil tube of color are the perfect balance to color, hydrate and keep cuticle open to a minimum.

Haircutting techniques for curly hair are very different from the cutting techniques used on straight hair.

The shape and bounce of each curl determines where the volume and bulk should be distributed to best suit the shape of your face. Cutting curly hair is all about transferring the bulk from one area to another in order to show off ringlets, create movement and let the cheekbones show through dense curls

If the PH of your Hair product is above 7 it is too harsh for your precious curls leaving your hair dull and frizzy.

Controlling the correct ph balance seals the hair cuticles leaving the hair shiny and silky. The ph balance of curly hair is the key to controlling unruly, frizzy dry hair. Perfect hair condition should have a ph of 5.5-6.5. p

Adding moisture to your ends daily is a must at this time of year: Try to mix equal parts water and conditioner with a few drops of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) in a spray bottle for added moisture.

Brunette Boost- Try brewing a double espresso,letting it cool, and then using it as an infusion pour over dry hair let it sit for 30 min and then rinse... It will enhance rich and glossy shine to brunettes..

Deep hair Cleanser

1 Tablespoon of baking soda

1 Cup of hot water

The baking soda in this recipe will remove heavy product build up and leave your hair clean, shiny,and refreshed. It is a favorite of models and actresses.

When it comes to cutting curly hair: "it is not what you take off; is what you leave on to create that needed shape"...

When looking for the right hairstyle always consider face shape and hair texture. The perfect balance starts by making sure that your eyes are in the center: same distance should be from the top of the hairstyle to the eyes and from the eyes to the chin.

By adding highlights or lowlights you will break up the heaviness of very thick hair; they will also enhance fine hair by creating greater texture and more body.

On a humid day, healthy hair can swell almost 15 percent .

(Damaged hair fares even worse.) To minimize expansion-and frizz-finish off your style with a creamy product that contains silicone. The product's weight will help prevent puffiness better than a light hairspray or gel

Don't attempt to remove knots without conditioner or you will break and rip the curly hair, which will cause more knotting in the near future.

Rinsing with booze can improve the appearance of your hair. BEER will add shine , CHAMPAGNE can bring out blonde highlights and CLUB SODA can cut build up. Cheers...

For young Curly-girls like Lucy, start by teaching the right care principles for awesome curl pattern : First use a leave-in Tonic like Mist-er Right (lavender spray) to tame frizz and detangle, then proceed with AnGell both Deva Concepts products.

How to set your curls? Remove excess water from hair , proceed to apply styling gel (generous amount) evenly from scalp to ends, then use a paper towel in a scrunching upward motion and let it dry naturally or use a diffuser. For maximum lift, use small clips on roots of area needed more lift before drying.

If your locks look flat a few hours after styling, give them a boost by tipping your head down and using fingers at base of curls shake them a few times , this will add volume and revive them. The more you shake, the more volume.

Certain hair colors will suit your natural color better then others. If your hair is dark to light brown , add streaks-go dark or red; if it is black avoid going blonde; if it is dark to light blonde, opt for warm shades of honey to milky brown and chestnut; if it is gray/blonde, opt for pale, cool tones; and if it's gray avoid going red!

If you want to create soft curls, divide hair into large sections, apply a bit of styling set product , twist into barrel curls and pin at base with a bobby pin use a diffuser to heat them up After 20 minutes let cool down totally then take pins out let hair down or softly gather up leaving the ends loose for a soft up do and you'll have a beautiful romantic curly result."

Recipe to give curls shine: Combine equal parts of Vegetable glycerine(found on health food stores) and Distilled water (contains no minerals) in a spray bottle. Spray to curls when needed a pick me up or shine. Happy curls.

For some with naturally curly and porous, dry hair, you actually want to apply the product to more wet (preferably soaking wet) hair to eliminate frizz. Moisture attracts moisture, more even application and better results.

Don't try running a brush through curled hair. Instead, use your fingers to break up the curls, otherwise you'll end up with a frizzy mess.

TIP OF THE DAY: Don't be fooled into thinking shampoos and conditioners loaded with vitamins are better for your hair-with the exception of B5, they can't be absorbed. Curly hair needs more moisture which it only can be obtain by moisturizing with a Laurel Sulfate Free cleansing cream and following with a conditioner.

TIP OF THE DAY: Work related stress takes its toll on the hair and scalp. This can start during your twenties and it will manifest itself through a dry, flaky scalp or the appearance of bald patches, which usually regrow. If you lead a stressful life, up your intake of B vitamin, found in whole grains cereals, oily fish, yeast extracts, peas, natural yogurt, eggs and milk.

TIP OF THE DAY: Current research has shown that a fat-free diet can affect the condition of your hair, causing it to look dull and lifeless, and also can result in a dry scalp. To avoid, please increase the intake of HAIR FOOD (essential fatty acids) found in nuts, olive oil, fish like salmon and sardines and avocados.

TIP OF THE DAY: If your hair gets dry and brittle in the winter, indoor heating is a likely culprit. Humidifiers will increase the amount of water in the air and in your hair.

TIP OF THE DAY: On a humid day, healthy hair can swell almost 15 percent .

(Damaged hair fares even worse.) To minimize expansion-and frizz-finish off your style with a creamy product that contains silicone. The product's weight will help prevent puffiness better than a light hairspray or gel.

TIP OF THE DAY: To add interesting texture to dry hair without making it looking greasy or overloaded with product, use a small amount of leave-in conditioner.

Remember to not get too caught up in curl typing. Most curlies have multiple curl types in their hair. There are 3 basic rules to keeping curly hair healthy 1) Keep hair clean 2) Keep hair moisturized & 3) Drink Water!

TIP OF THE DAY: Mix equal amounts of hair gel and serum and apply to wet curls in a scrunching motion with a moist paper towel. Serum will stop the gel from stiffening as it dries, stop curls from frizzing keeping them soft and with maximum shine.

TIP OF THE DAY: On a humid day, healthy hair can swell almost 15 percent .

(Damaged hair fares even worse.) To minimize expansion-and frizz-finish off your style with a product that contains medium to strong hold . The product's weight will help prevent puffiness better than a light hairspray or a cream.

TIP OF THE DAY: If you have coarse, dry hair, try adding jojoba oil to your styling regimen. It is similar in structure to the hair's natural oil, helping to hydrate and smooth.