ChristinaCurls Is ready to blog

Curls, curls and more curls...

Christina curls was design to bring the beauty of curls to everyone with information tipsĀ  advice on cut, color and the care of curly hair for all types. Send any questions to this blog.

Thanks- Christina

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4 Responses to ChristinaCurls Is ready to blog

  1. Sabrina says:

    I want to embrace my curls but sometimes i like to wear my hair straight, does that damage the curl itself?

    • Bryan Hiner says:

      It depends on the products that you use and how often you straiten your hair.Curls have a memory and do well with the right products and the right cut. If you occasionally blow dry your hair it will not destroy your curl. If you want more of an explanation specifically about your hair please call the salon at 770-993-0008 and schedule an appointment to meet with Christina. Thanks for your interest.

      Bryan Hiner


      Haarmony Salon & Studio

  2. MAMK says:


    Your website is awesome.Im very impressed with the photos and wanted to vista your salon but realized you are in Georgia ! Do you recommend anyone who does best with curly hair in jacksonville,FL?


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