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Christina Carsillo grew up in her mother's salon in Medellin, Colombia. You could almost say that she was born to be a great hairdresser. Since leaving Colombia 28 years ago, she has traveled the world to train and later teach with masters of the hair industry.

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About Curly Hair

Christina and the tools of the trade

She was a tireless educator and platform artist for the Wella Corporation from 2000-2005 (one of only 18 in the country) and currently is working in the United States for Jungle Fever Color Company, based out of Italy and Tahe Cosmetics company based out of Spain.

In 2001, Christina opened a concept salon and photography studio with her business partner and photographer, Bryan Hiner, which she currently operates in Atlanta, Georgia today.

In 2006, she began training with Deva Concepts and furthering her knowledge of the curly market and their specific needs in relation to products, hair care maintenance, and cut and color techniques. She has begun to alter her business model in Atlanta so she can eventually focus only on curly clients.

Christina Carsillo has a rare blend of artistic ability, firsthand knowledge from living her entire life with curly hair and technical cut and color skills from almost 30 years of training in the hair world.